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Welcome to eBusiness News – a quick and easy way to Get to Know ShipCSX.

The CSX ebusiness team is focused on providing customers the tools and information needed to seamlessly manage their rail shipments.

Below is information on new or upcoming enhancements to the ShipCSX suite of tools.

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eBusiness Newsletter December 2017

New ShipCSX Enhancements 

In our continuing effort to improve your ShipCSX experience, the following enhancements are available in our Account Invoices, Unit Train Management, and Intermodal Tracking Suite tools.

Account Invoices

Filter Tabs
This new feature enables users to quickly identify desired invoices. These filter tabs are provided on the Invoice Details screen, above the list of invoices.

Advanced Search
Combine parameters to accurately pinpoint invoices with the Advanced Search feature located within the Filter Selection.

Leverage the "Days Past Due" parameter within Advanced Search to see all invoices that are past the due date.

Dispute Document Upload
Document upload support was expanded to the Disputes tab of Account Invoices to help expedite the process. Simply select the upload button on an open dispute to provide supporting documents.

Email Subscription Information
To improve Account Invoice email subscription accuracy, Qualifier and Address information is now visible for each patron.

  • Qualifiers indicate the criteria used in directing waybill charges to appropriate billing patron
  • Address may include relevant "Attention To" information

Tracking Number Visibility
Customers set up to Pay through ShipCSX can now see Tracking Number information on the invoice details screen to improve visibility of payment information.

Unit Train Management

Shipment Pipeline Report and Email Subscription for Load Origins

The Shipment Pipeline Report is now available for Load Origins in the Unit Train Management tool in ShipCSX and via email. The report can be schedule up to twice a day.

Simply go to the Set Options screen in Unit Train Management and select the time of day for the report to run and the format, PDF or Excel.

The Load Origin Shipment Pipeline Report provides visibility to all your active sets in any of the following statuses:

  • Sets at Destination Awaiting Release
  • Loaded Sets
  • Scheduled Empty Sets
  • Orders Over the Next Week With No Sets Assigned

Intermodal Tracking Suite

Instant Info Trace - Default Trace Type

View trace results faster by setting your Instant Info – Default Trace Type. Whether you’re tracing by equipment ID, train ID, or any other trace type, you can set your preferred default under the Report Options tab to eliminate an extra step in your trace process.


Instant Info Predefined Reports – Load/Empty Filter

Whether you’re tracing on demand or saving Predefined Reports to be scheduled for email delivery, you can now filter your results based on the load/empty status of your equipment. You’ll see a new dropdown in the Predefined Reports section. The default will remain ‘All’ (both loads and empties) or you can filter to see only loaded equipment or only revenue equipment.



Electronic-Only Invoicing Coming Soon 

Effective January 1, 2018 CSX will discontinue paper invoice delivery as ShipCSX provides the ability to view, print, and subscribe to email delivery. Customer benefits of electronic invoicing include immediate availability, search and filter options, and subscriptions via ShipCSX.

To ensure a seamless transition, please familiarize yourself with ShipCSX Account Invoices. Contact our eBusiness group if you have questions or need assistance.


Reminder: Changes to Publication CSXT 8100

As a reminder, changes have been made to the Publication CSXT 8100 that are effective as of November 15, 2017 and January 1, 2018, respectively. Noteworthy changes include Open Gate Yard Demurrage, New Custom Fees, and Car Order Reduction/Cancellation Policies. Please review the below information in the links to ensure you are up-to-date. Frequently Asked Question documents are also included for additional clarification.

CSXT 8100 Publication Changes Effective November 15, 2017 and FAQs

  CSXT 8100 Publication Changes Effective January 1, 2018 and FAQs


Carload Customers: ShipCSX Car Order Changes 

In accordance with the changes to the Publication CSXT 8100 Car Ordering Rules (1.3.1) effective November 15th, 2017, you will notice the following changes in the ShipCSX Car Order tool:

  • Current date outlined in RED
  • Ability to decrease previous week’s orders if they have not been fulfilled
  • Order Reduction Subject to Charge days highlighted in YELLOW (for changes requested less than 7 days before the order date or up to 3 days after the order date)
  • Order Changes Subject to Car Management approval produce a pop-up window reminder upon entering the change

For questions about your Car Order, contact CSX Car Management at 800-458-4677. For questions about using ShipCSX, contact CSX eBusiness at 1-877-744-7279 Option 2, 1.


Intermodal Customers: New 'Estimated Time of Notification' Notice Coming Soon

CSX is working to improve the transparency of intermodal shipment availability.  A new Estimated Time of Notification (ETN) measurement will replace the current intermodal ETA.  The new measurement will be available at the time of in-gate to the intermodal facility and will be updated as the unit progresses through the CSX network.  CSX anticipates customer use of ETN in first quarter of 2018 and additional communication will be sent at that time.


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