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To contact CSX for non-emergency issues, use TellCSX.

Report an Emergency: 1-800-232-0144

Report any issue that risks the safety of any person immediately. Be prepared to tell us your name, location and what you observed.

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eBusiness News

Welcome to eBusiness News – a quick and easy way to Get to Know ShipCSX.

The CSX ebusiness team is focused on providing customers the tools and information needed to seamlessly manage their rail shipments.

Below is information on new or upcoming enhancements to the ShipCSX suite of tools.

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eBusiness Newsletter June 2017

ShipCSX Notices Now Available via Text Message

ShipCSX now supports text message delivery of the following carload notifications available within the Notifications & Subscriptions tool in ShipCSX:

  • Train Annulment
  • Estimated Arrival at Customer
  • No Bill Notices
  • Overload Notices
  • Bad Order
  • Estimated Arrival at Short Line (Rail Partners only)

To add text message delivery to a subscription, simply select the “Text” delivery mode and follow the prompts to validate your cell phone number. Notifications delivered via text will also be viewable in Notifications & Subscriptions, represented by the chat icon in the view column.  

*Standard message and data rates may apply.


QuickQuote is now Quote RailPlus

At RailPlus - plus means more. In an effort to deliver you more and make ShipCSX easier to use, we're excited to announce two updates to the user experience for our RailPlus customers including a new RailPlus homepage and an easier way to navigate to the quoting tool.

This new homepage makes it easier for you and your team to learn about RailPlus updates and access resources / training materials specific to moving door-to-door with CSX Transportation.  This update will affect customers that move only door-to-door. If you are a door-to-door and ramp-to-ramp customer, your homepage will remain the same.

In addition, we're moving the module formerly referred to as QuickQuote from the RESOURCES tab to the PLAN tab for easier navigation. Select Quote RailPlus from the dropdown to access quotes and additional resources. 



New Tool Available on the ShipCSX Mobile App

You can now create loss or damage reports directly from your smartphone or tablet using the ShipCSX Mobile App. If you are unloading a railcar or container and notice the contents are damaged or missing, you no longer have to go to your office to input a report. Simply input the information through the ShipCSX Mobile App including any pictures taken with your mobile device. 

Unit Train Reservations Screenshot
Note: If you do not see the Claims Management tool available in your mobile app, please contact us to request access.

Shipment Problem Resolution Enhancement for Intermodal 

For our Intermodal ShipCSX users, you can now include attachments when submitting your Shipment Problem Resolution inquiry. Simply click on 'Attachments' when entering your inquiry and upload the documents as needed.


Improved In-transit Shipment Visibility Coming Soon

Effective July 10th, CSX Transportation (CSXT) will improve visibility to customer shipments while in-transit across the CSXT intermodal network.  This functionality is part of a multi-year project designed to deliver data-driven solutions and enhance the intermodal service product.

Rollout of improved in-transit shipment visibility involves providing customers additional messaging related to rail departures at fixed locations along the shipment route.  The messages, triggered by departures occurring approximately every 12 hours, will confirm that freight is “on-the-move” during transit periods where there was previously no updates regarding that shipment’s progress.

Shippers currently using the ShipCSX Intermodal Tracking Suite or accepting EDI departure events will automatically receive the additional messaging.  

For more information on improved in-transit shipment visibility, view the 10 minute customer webinar recording.

For questions, please contact the eBusiness Support Team at 877-744-7279, option 2.  Thank you for choosing CSXT as your preferred intermodal service provider.

Important New Hazmat Federal Regulation
Effective July 5

New HazMat Federal Regulation: Emergency Response Phone Number Must Be Numeric Only (49CFR 172.604).

Please be advised, effective July  5, 2017, CSX Transportation (CSXT), in response to the US DOT Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration's (PHMSA) mandated regulatory change with regard to the format of emergency response telephone numbers, will no longer accept the submission of alphanumeric emergency response telephone numbers. Any hazardous material shipment offered in transportation, must be in compliance by the offeror:

“Per Docket No. PHMSA-2013-0225 (HM-218H) final rule, DOT is amending its Hazardous Materials Regulations to prohibit the use of alphanumeric telephone numbers and only permit numeric telephone numbers as emergency response telephone numbers. The amendment became effective July 5, 2016. However, mandatory compliance was extended until July 5, 2017.”

Per the EDI standards, if an emergency contact telephone number is provided then an emergency contact name is required. The offeror is not permitted to pass filler text (i.e. ‘Not Shown’, ‘None Shown’ or ‘Unknown’, ‘spaces’ / ‘null’ value, or the name of any emergency response information telephone number service provider (i.e. Chemtrec, InfoTrac, Canutec, Chemtel, etc.) in the PER*02 field or on ShipCSX Hazardous Material details page. The emergency response information phone number service provider in the PER*02 or in ShipCSX should contain the person (offeror) identified by name or contract number that has the contractual agreement with this emergency response information telephone number service provider for compliance with requirements in 49 CFR part 172.201(d). When identified by contract number the literal ‘CONTRACT:’ or ‘CONT:’ should be shown preceding the contract number. Additionally, the PER*04 should contain the numeric telephone number and may contain these punctuations marks: open and closed parentheses ‘( )’, dashes ‘-‘, periods ‘.’ and plus signs ‘+’ as well as ‘OPT’ or ‘EXT’ where appropriate. Please see below examples for proper formatting.
EDI Rail Billing
All EDI 404/858 rail billing instructions transmitted to CSXT with alpha characters in the emergency response telephone number section (PER*04 field within the hazardous loop - with the exception of EXT or OPT) or if an emergency service provider name is passed in the PER*02 billing will be rejected beginning July 5th.  Please refer to the example below for valid format:

Additional Valid EDI Examples:
PER*HM*CONTRACT: 4108*TE*1234567890
PER*HM*ACME CHEMICAL*TE*+123 456 7890 123
PER*HM*CONTRACT: 4108*TE*1234567890 EXT 123
PER*HM*CONTRACT: 4108*TE*1234567890 EXT.123
PER*HM*CONTRACT: 4108*TE*1234567890 OPT1
PER*HM*ACME CHEMICAL*TE*(123) 456-7890 OPT. 1
ShipCSX-created waybills will also validate the emergency response information service provider and telephone number provided beginning July 5th, 2017.
To receive bill of lading error notifications from ShipCSX, simply subscribe under the Ship Tab > Shipping Instructions > Options Tab > Bill of Lading with Errors (EDI 404/858).


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