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Mark Wallace Addresses MARS Industry Conference

CSX’s scheduled railroading transformation was front and center at this year’s Midwest Association of Rail Shippers (MARS) Winter Meeting, where Mark Wallace, executive vice president of Sales and Marketing, delivered the keynote address.

“I believe this company has never been in a better position to grow our business,” Wallace told the gathering of 800 representatives from railroads, customers and key industry partners. “Not only are we able offer a more reliable service, we can also deliver more real value to CSX customers.”
The two-day MARS conference has grown significantly in recent years and has become a priority event for the CSX Sales and Marketing team. This year’s conference provided CSX with an important opportunity to meet with customers, short line partners, car-leasing companies and others to discuss the company’s improved service and plans for further progress. Many customers from CSX’s Merchandise markets, including agriculture, food, fertilizers, minerals, metals, chemicals and paper, were represented.

Wallace reported to the gathering that customer feedback has been positive, and the service improvements driven by the company’s operating model are enabling CSX to convert freight from highway to rail by offering a service product that can truly compete with trucks.

“By focusing top to bottom on service and efficiency,” he told attendees, “we are putting CSX on a new trajectory with the aim of becoming the best-run railroad in the business.”