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CSX Select Site

CSX Select Sites are the first premium, certified,
rail-served sites for industrial development and expansion.

for industry.
From the ground


Buildable Soils

Select Sites are the ideal industrial development sandbox. At the foundation is an examination of the overall quality of the land.

On-site soil borings give you valuable insight into your land and a higher level of assurance of what may be encountered during site work, helping to prevent cost overruns during development.

Proper Zoning and Entitlements

Each CSX Select Site is zoned to accommodate for industrial uses, giving you the freedom to proceed with design, permitting and site preparation without waiting for the public, lengthy and uncertain rezoning process.

Full Utilities

Get up and running faster and avoid additional costs with utility infrastructure already adjacent to the site boundary.

to Highways

Select Sites are never far from main transportation arteries, saving you time and money on your distribution operations.


All properties are adjacent to existing CSX rail lines or those of our short line railroad partners. Most important, CSX Select Sites have been vetted to ensure that regular local rail service is available.

Environmental Due Diligence

Each Select Site undergoes an environmental site assessment, wetland delineation and endangered species study, among others, to provide certainty of existing site conditions and help prevent delays during development.

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