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Transportation Equipment

What are chargeable moves?

Chargeable moves include:

  • New cars, or newly acquired cars moving before their first loaded movement
  • Cars that are re-stenciled with new initials and/or numbers
  • Cars not listed in UMLER
  • Change in ownership (re-stenciled)
  • Cars moving for scrap
  • Back-to-back empty moves

*CSXT 6051 empty charges do not apply to TTX cars as they’re listed as railroad owned in UMLER.

When will empty cars move without charge?

Empty cars will move without charge if the move is preceded by a revenue line haul on CSXT within the previous 180 days (effective Dec. 1, 2008).

Is mileage paid out?

Mileage is not paid out.

Is the freight payer required on the bill of lading?

The freight payer is required on the BOL. If it is missing, a charge will be assessed against the car owner.

Does the CSXT 6051 apply to switching districts?

No, the rate in CSXT 6051 will not apply to/from stations within a switching district.

Is switching absorbed?

No, the CSXT 6051 does not absorb switching.

Does this cover joint-line moves?

No, it covers moving CSXT direct or Rule 11 only. This must show on the bill of lading.

What STCC covers empty car moves?

STCC 37422

What tariff covers empty car moves?

CSXT 6051 (Public Rule 11 Tariff for Transportation Equipment) covers empty car moves.

How does CSX define empty railroad freight cars?

Empty railroad freight cars are those that are moving on their own wheels.