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CSX provides various solutions to meet your crude oil shipping needs.

Refinery Direct

Our refinery direct solution provides a low per-barrel transportation cost by minimizing product-handling and terminal costs. We can offer initial concepts on plant track design and service plans. A refinery direct solution could be up and running in as little as 4 months.


Interested in building a crude oil terminal or using a terminal? CSX has experience building and serving crude oil terminals throughout our network. Depending on the locations, terminals can be up and running in as little as 3 months.

Rail to Pipe, Pipe to Rail

CSX currently provides a rail to pipe solution and is looking for partners for a pipe to rail solution. In Walnut Hill, Fla., we are shipping unit trains of crude oil to an existing pipeline system.

Facility infrastructure and capabilities include:

  • Ability to accept and unload 116 rail cars (about 83,000 bbls of crude) in ~16hours
  • 100,000 bbl tank
  • Access to Liberty Station and into Capline

Learn more about our transport options.


A transloading terminal offers a wide array of services to facilitate the transloading of crude oil, including:

  • Design and construction of track
  • Obtain and hold all necessary permits
  • Installation of manifold and pipeline system
  • Day to day unloading operation
    • 24/7 unloading operation
    • Prepare train for empty release