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Here are some of the services CSX provides for metals shipments:


You don’t have to be rail served to enjoy the benefits the Metals team at CSX has to offer. Our warehouse facilities provide a network of metals warehouses with heavy-lift capabilities offering an array of distribution options, including forward positioning and just-in-time truck delivery. See our warehouses map

Access Mexico

Interline service coordinated by rail partners CSX, UP, and KCSM, providing one rate for moves between the U.S. and Mexico. You get simplified instructions for cross-border shipping and broker contacts. Learn more about CSX de Mexico

Shipping Overseas or Importing Product

In an increasingly global business environment, extending your reach is more important than ever. Serving over 70 ocean, lake and river ports, more than any other North American carrier, CSX has the service you need. Our International team can help you develop rail-centric supply chain solutions. (Se habla español.) Learn more

Freight Damage Prevention

We’ve dedicated an entire team to ensuring the safe loading of your shipments. Our specialists can help you design specific loading patterns that best protect your product from potential damage - while still taking advantage of full rail car capacity. We have an expert for every form of equipment. Learn more

Site Selection and Industrial Development

Looking to expand or locate property with rail access? Our Industrial Development team can help with site selection, location analysis and engineering design. If you need service to sites under construction, our team will design plans for your new rail facility and even find a way to expand facilities at your existing plant. Learn more