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Shipping With Us

Shipping consists of 3 steps:

  • Requesting a Rail car
  • Receiving Inspection
  • Submitting Shipping Instructions
Request a Heavy Duty Car

To order a heavy duty rail car, please log into ShipCSX then navigate to Resources>Clearance Bureau and select "Order Heavy Duty Car" on the Nav bar.  If you are unable, please contact the Clearance Bureau: 
clearance2@csx.com or 904-381-4134 or 4152

Request a Standard Car

If noted above that your proposed load requires (a) Buffer Car(s) for weight distribution; (b) idler cars for overhangs or other mechanical reason OR (c) if it has been confirmed by Clearance Bureau or Load Engineering your load does not require a Heavy Duty car, please order a regular flat car.

To order a regular flat car, please contact Car Management at carmgtdispo@csx.com and provide the following information:

  a. Car type requested (89' flat, bulkhead flat, gondola, hopper)
  b. Purpose of car (buffer for weight, idler for overhang, braking)
  c. Origin and destination of car(s)
  d. Number of cars
  e. Date required
  f. CSXT Clearance file

Request Inspection

All dimensional loads must be inspected by CSXT before the loaded rail car will be moved. When you are sure of the loading date, call the CSX Mechanical Department at 904-366-5313 and email dispo@csx.com to arrange an inspection of the loaded rail car.

Please provide:
  a. Company name
  b. Origin location
  c. Street address and rail milepost location, if known
  d. Contact person
  e. Contact phone number/email address
  f. Date ready for inspection
  g. Destination city/state

Please allow enough advance notice so that the inspection can be scheduled (minimum 72 hours).

Submit Shipping Instructions

CSXT requires all our customers use electronic tools to conduct shipping transactions. Our electronic tools make it easy to manage shipments quickly and efficiently, with secure data that is specific to your company.