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Shipping Machinery Videos

Video 1 - Moving Machinery Introduction

At CSX, we provide you with the means necessary to transport all types of products from one location to another. For those customers who require specific standards to successfully transport their oversized machinery, we have developed a system to safely and efficiently transport this equipment across our network. CSX will get your boilers, transformers, turbines, excavators, cranes, tanks, tractors, windmills or anything heavy, wide or long where it needs to go with greater flexibility and often at lower cost than truck transport.  We use different modes of transportation to provide services to industries, even if they are not rail-served.


Video 2 - Moving Machinery Internationally

CSX connects the world with our rail network by providing access to the biggest markets in the US with access to more than 70 ocean, river and lake ports and interline railroad interchanges with connections to the West Coast, Canada and Mexico. The CSX International team serves almost every continent. We are happy to help you find the port that works best for you.  We have strong partnerships throughout the international shipping industry, including stevedores, warehouses, container Trans loading companies and third-party logistics services.


Video 3 - Why Ship Machinery With CSX?

CSX and its predecessor railroads have been around for over 190 years, and with constant updates in innovation, technology and safety, the railroad still remains the most practical, efficient, and most cost-effective and environmentally friendly method of transportation. In comparison to truck shipping, transportation by rail can also handle a higher volume of oversized shipments with a wider range of shapes in a more cost-efficient manner. We can also handle more volume, size and weight on our rail network significantly reducing, if not eliminating the hassle of the over the road permitting processes.

CSX is consistently named Railroad of the Year by the Railway Industrial Clearance Association (RICA), in recognition of our commitment for innovative solutions and customer service.


Video 4 - CSX’s Clearance Bureau and Load Engineering & Design Services

In our business, we treat every shipment carefully; but when we’re moving a 320-ton steam generator, the logistics and planning are a whole different dimension -- literally. Our Machinery group works closely with the Clearance Bureau, Service Start-up & Integration and International Sales groups. Together, these groups helped us grow our machinery and dimensional moves to over 3,000 loads annually.


Video 5 - The Machinery Shipping Process

So where does the shipping process begin? The process is divided into three main categories: 1.The Planning Phase; 2. Shipping; 3. Cargo Management.


Video 6 - Moving Machinery Conclusion

Why move your valuable cargo with CSX? Simply put, rail is more efficient and cost effective than trucks. Over the road permitting is a hassle and expensive too. With CSX, your cargo moves safely and intact to your destination. We connect with more than 70 ocean, river and lake ports, 230 short lines and 6 class one railroads. Our Sales & Marketing team provides outstanding customer service and market know how. CSX has won the most Railway Industrial Clearance Association (RICA) Awards for a reason!

We can also help you find trans-loading for your cargo and recommend rigging firms and third party logistic providers. Our Load Engineering experts will ensure you expensive equipment is loaded safely and securely.