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Sunshine Special

Door-to-Door Service to Florida

The Sunshine Special is a door-to-door rail/truck solution that offers high-speed service from the Northeast, Midwest and California to Florida. It's designed to get your food product to the Florida market consistently and efficiently.

With the Sunshine Special you get door-to-door service:

  • From Jersey City, N.J., to Bradenton, Fla. in 3-4 days
  • From Cincinnati, Ohio, to Bradenton, Fla. in 3-4 days
  • From City of Industry, Calif., to Bradenton, Fla. in 10 days

So how do we deliver such service on a railroad? Simple. We put your product on the famous Tropicana Train on its return to Florida. That's right, your product will ride the Tropicana Train as it makes its way back to the Tropicana plant in Bradenton.

Start at 1 of 3 Convenient Locations
We offer 3 locations around the country to load your product onto this special backhaul shipping solution:

  • Jersey City, N.J.
  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • City of Industry, Calif.

Simply arrange to transport your product at one of our cross-dock facilities above and we'll load your product onto the boxcar.

End at the Tropicana Plant in Bradenton
At the Tropicana plant in Bradenton, Fla., your product will be unloaded onto trucks and delivered anywhere in Florida. Or, if you want to arrange your own transportation, you can have your trucks pick up your product at the Tropicana plant and transport to your final destination.

With the Sunshine Special You Get:

  • Loading ratios of over 3 trucks per railcar (66–68 pallets/rail car).
  • Confidence in knowing that because your freight is riding on a high-profile account like Tropicana, your freight will receive high visibility within the CSX network.
  • Simplification with door-to-door service and 1 freight bill.
  • Security through Tropicana's Quality Assurance Certifications (GMP and Sanitation).
  • Consistent transit using UP and CSXT intermodal networks.

Load Requirements

  • Palletized, shrink-wrapped
  • Standard GMA footprint
  • Floor layer no taller than 58” — to utilize Tropicana's racking system

To find out more, call Aaron Williams at 904-366-4396.