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Review services CSX offers to meet the unique needs of the chemicals and fertilizer industries.

CSX and TRANSFLO are Taking Biodiesel Further

CSX and TRANSFLO team up to provide a distribution solution for the biodiesel industry. You get the economic advantages of rail and the ease of other methods of moving freight. Learn more about taking biodiesel further. Contact us at Merchandise@csx.com.

Sarnia Service

What would you do with 2 extra days? CSX will move your Sarnia traffic to either Toledo or Buffalo and save you time and money. Call 888-337-5202.

International Connections

Are you importing or exporting chemicals to the U.S.? CSX connects with more East Coast ports than any other railroad and will find the most efficient way to handle your products. Contact CSX's international group.


TRANSFLO, a subsidiary of CSX, provides bulk product transfer and handling along with logistics management. Learn more at TRANSFLO.net.

Industrial Development

Need to expand your plant or build a new one? Contact our Industrial Development team