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Safety and Security

See federal regulations and CSX policies for shipping hazardous materials by rail, and learn about safety training, education opportunities and key programs that help make CSX one of the safest railroads in the nation. Learn about safety and security.


These are the rail car types used to transport chemicals and fertilizer. Get details about rail cars.

  • Open-Top Hoppers
  • Covered Hoppers
  • Tank Cars
eBusiness Tools

The fastest and easiest way to order cars, submit shipping instructions, request switching service, track and trace, report a problem, and receive and pay freight bills is with our secure eBusiness tools. Learn more

Hazardous Auto-Reverse Program

The Hazardous Auto-Reverse (HAR) Program automatically generates shipping instructions for empty hazmat cars that are returning back to their origin. When you submit a pull request for an empty hazmat car, HAR generates empty-return shipping instructions for moving the car. Confirmation is automatically faxed to you.

To participate, review the HAR Authorization (PDF), print and complete it and fax it to 904-332-7144. You will be notified when authorization is complete.

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