TTI in Maysville, Ky.

The CSX coal terminal on the Ohio River in Maysville, Ky., commonly known as TTI (Transcontinental Terminal, Inc.), provides an economical and flexible means of transportation for large-scale users of high-quality, abundant eastern Kentucky coal.

Since acquiring the facility in 1991, CSX has made many upgrades, including a new dump shed, improved track infrastructure and modernized dock structures and systems. These improvements allow our customers to enjoy the economies of rail transportation while streamlining scheduling, fleet management and contracting with other transportation modes.

The Maysville terminal has a throughput capacity of 6 million tons per year and can manage up to 180 cars at a time on site and receive unit trains sized up to 150 cars. The facility features a floating dock, fully enclosed thaw shed, and storage capacity for 80 cars. No ground storage is available.

Located about 80 highway miles west of Huntington, W.Va., this modern terminal allows for a range of multi-modal transportation options. Linking rail and river transportation, the terminal facilitates efficient unloading of rail cars to enhance cycle times and coordinate with barge timetables. It is an ideal facility for transferring coal and most other bulk or aggregate commodities from rail to barges running the inland waterways.

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