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Toledo Docks in Toledo, Ohio

CSX’s Toledo Docks is a modern coal terminal and pier facility serving the Great Lakes and overseas markets. The terminal handles vessel and rail transfers of coal and iron ore, and specializes in outbound NAPP and CAPP coals, as well as inbound iron ore. The terminal has also serviced PRB coal trains loading in lake vessels to domestic water-served utility destinations on the Great Lakes.

The Toledo, Ohio facility has three docks, and features specialized equipment including a tandem car dumper and a thaw shed for winter loading. The dumper transfers coal to a traveling ship loader system through a series of conveyor belts. The entire coal flow path is equipped with a dust suppression system and the ship loader transfers coal into the holds of the vessel by a telescoping spoon to minimize dust and maintain favorable environmental conditions. Inbound iron ore is off loaded from the vessel and stored on the inventory pad until it is reclaimed and loaded into rail cars for unit train delivery to the customers. Ground storage is available for the iron ore, but not for coal.