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Rail is the most efficient and safest method for shipping chemicals throughout North America. The breadth of CSX’s network provides safe service from major chemical producing regions on our network, and those of Western railroads, to consumption markets in the East.

Shipping by rail makes sense from both a financial and safety perspective, and by choosing CSX specifically you get the added benefits of our extensive experience and value-added services. Our chemicals team works hand-in-hand with customers to develop innovative transportation solutions and provide ongoing support.

The safe handling of our customers’ products is our number one priority. Rail is the safest method for moving goods over land, and we are committed to the safety and security of our network, our customers and their freight, and the communities in which we operate. Research shows that compared to trucking, rail is a considerably safer way to ship hazardous materials.

Some of the ways we ensure rail safety include:

  • Advanced technology such as wayside defect detectors to monitor the health of rolling stock.
  • Public Safety & Environment Management System (PSEMS) to assure regulatory compliance and minimize the impact of our operations to the environment and to the communities in which we operate.
  • Rail security partnerships with American Chemistry Council's Chemtrec call-response center, the Transportation Security Administration and others.
  • Ongoing safety training of employees, partners and first responders.

We understand that your business depends on our ability to deliver your cargo quickly, safely, and at a reasonable cost. Contact one of our chemical market specialists to learn more about how we can benefit your supply chain.

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Shipping by rail can significantly reduce CO2 emissions compared to shipping by highway.


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