Behind the Freight Move


Go Behind the Freight Move and see how an intermodal shipment is delivered from point A to point B in panoramic 360° views.
Follow a container from the road to the rail and soar high above an intermodal terminal and watch as trucks and trains work together to move freight efficiently across the U.S. 

New to 360°? For an immersive video experience, click and drag your mouse to explore your surroundings. Use headphones to hear what is happening around you. For a more hands-on-experience, view this page with your smartphone and move your device around to look around each scene of the video. 

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The Intermodal Advantage 

Intermodal combines multiple modes of transportation such as trucks and trains to deliver goods efficiently, cost-effectively and in an environmentally responsible manner.

Intermodal rail provides shippers: 

  • Increased transportation options;
  • Cost-savings over moving goods by truck alone;
  • Reduced environmental impacts due to one train's capacity to move the freight of over 280 trucks; and
  • A predictable, reliable transportation network.

Intermodal is helping supply chain managers across the country realize important long-term benefits, including the ability to lower transportation costs and increase capacity.

Learn more about the CSXT Intermodal advantage and how to optimize your business’ supply chain.



Go Behind the Freight Move 

Rail delivers shippers a variety of transportation solutions moving diverse sets of goods from bulk commodities to finished merchandise efficiently and cost-effectively. Go Behind the Freight Move for additional behind the scenes stories of how products move between manufacturing lines, distribution and fulfillment centers and ultimately the hands of consumers.