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Youth Safety Outreach

In 2014, CSX began partnering with Wide Angle Youth Media, a Baltimore-based nonprofit organization providing local youth with media education and mentorship to develop media campaigns that communicate rail safety messaging to their peers. This innovative partnership offers students the opportunity not only to develop their creative skills, but also to actively engage with vital rail safety messaging and be advocates within their communities. The videos and posters produced are used in in-school presentations, distributed for display, and promoted online through digital and social media.

"CSX has been an amazing partner for Wide Angle Youth Media because they value young people's voices and experiences”, says David Sloan, Production Director at Wide Angle Youth Media. “They have made a long-term investment in our organization, giving our producers an opportunity to make safety messages by youth for youth. In addition, CSX has entrusted our youth producers with real responsibility. When our students make an effective safety campaign, they help CSX save lives."

CSX and Wide Angle Youth Media continue to develop videos to address rail-crossing awareness.Grade Crossing Conversation imagines what happens when a father and daughter decide not to try and beat a train through a crossing. Waiting on the train to pass gives them a chance to catch up on important things... like Darrell.



Watch Chainsaw Guy below to find out what happens when three teens on the run from a man with a chainsaw encounter something even more dangerous. 



Another video, Don’t Ignore Your Safety, addresses the issue of pedestrians wearing headphones around the track.


Learn more about CSX and Wide Angle Youth Media, and get a behind-the-scenes look at the latest productions, with the video below.