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Toyota Recognizes CSX with Leadership Award for Sustainability Innovation

CSX has earned Toyota Logistics Services’ annual Environmental Leadership Award in recognition of the company’s efforts to deliver innovative sustainability solutions that improve operational efficiency and provide reliable, responsive and cost-effective service.

Presenting CSX with its top environmental award three out of the past four years, Toyota Logistics Services applauded the company’s innovative and strategic approach to reducing locomotive emissions, adding another honor to the growing list of awards CSX has received for its leadership in reducing environmental impacts while achieving key business goals.

“It is an honor to be recognized by customers for our ongoing commitment to continually improve our stewardship of the environment,” said Raghu Chatrathi, senior director of Public Safety, Health and Environmental. “Our focus on sustainability and green initiatives throughout our operations has positively impacted our workplace culture, customers, partners, and our overall business results.”

One example of CSX’s creative approach to environmental improvement attributed to the recognition is an initiative to upgrade air compressor systems at railyards across the network. The outdated systems experienced maintenance and operational issues that often resulted in train delays.

“The new air systems allow crews to complete air brake testing without idling the engine,” said Corey Davis, director of Fuel Strategy and Utilization. “This improves CSX’s operational efficiency and drives value for our customers, as well as helps us further reduce our carbon footprint and protect the environment.”

Designed by CSX, the new dual-redundant smart system that is replacing outdated equipment offers improved air load percentage needed for testing. The new smart air system is an efficient and reliable solution that cuts total system run time, reduces the energy expended, improves fuel efficiency and decreases related greenhouse gas emissions.

For more information on CSX’s sustainability initiatives, visit csx.com/esg.