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CSX serves as a primary mode of transport for the goods that businesses and consumers utilize day-to-day. Therefore, the security of our trains and infrastructure is among our top priorities as we work to safeguard our employees, the communities within which we operate and the goods that we transport for our customers. CSX also shares sections of track with passenger trains; therefore, we ensure secure infrastructure for these trains and passengers as well.

What We Do

Police and General Security

Every CSX police officer must meet state requirements for maintaining their commission or certification. These officers undergo extensive training and continuing education to help best ensure the safety of our employees, the communities within which we operate and the freight shipped on CSX rail lines.

In addition, the CSX Community Awareness Planning Guide is distributed to more than 13,000 jurisdictions and serves as a planning tool for community emergency personnel.

Homeland Security

CSX offers state homeland security officials training sessions and state-of-the-art security tools, including CSX’s SecureNOW System, a secure online network that allows trained and security-cleared state officials to monitor, identify and respond to potential rail-security issues throughout the CSX network.

In an effort to prevent threats to America’s freight network, CSX coordinates regularly with the FBI’s National Joint Terrorism Task Force and local Joint Terrorism Task Forces. The company has also formed partnerships with the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) Freedom Center, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Crisis Management Center and the states along its network. Learn more about these partnerships.

To further prepare for any possible homeland security emergency, CSX’s comprehensive security plan, which is periodically audited by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) and TSA, complements rail security alert levels from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). In addition, CSX’s Security Countermeasure Management System provides key managers responsible for implementation of the CSX security plan with training and access to online resources, plan tracking tools and security guidelines. In addition, security awareness educational materials are sent to all employees’ homes annually.


Requirements & Regulations

Police and General Security

All CSX police officers are required by law to be commissioned and or certified in their state of legal residence or employment and meet state mandated police standards and training requirements. Interstate police authority is granted to commissioned railroad police officers under U. S. Code of Federal Regulation Title 49 providing authority to enforce the laws of any jurisdiction in which the rail carrier owns property for the protection of property, personnel, passengers and cargo. 

TSA regulations; DHS; and federal, state and local law enforcement agency requirements dictate our general security measures.

Homeland Security

CSX operating rules require that we comply with all applicable federal standards, including those created by FRA and TSA.

How We Validate

Police and General Security

Each year, immediate supervisors and command staff conduct an annual internal review to ensure all officers meet requirements of the particular states in which they are based. State agencies, including Peace Officers Standards and Training Councils, set additional standards for police.

To verify the success of our general security efforts, CSX conducts self verifications, internal and external readiness exercises, and internal and external police reviews.

Homeland Security

CSX conducts ongoing internal assessments of operational compliance with federal regulations and company policy related to homeland security issues.

To supplement our rigorous internal review, the U.S. Transportation Security Administration and Federal Railroad Administration conduct regular on-site reviews to check CSX’s compliance with federal homeland security regulations.