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At CSX, it is our goal to minimize our impact on the environment, and we have empowered all employees to actively engage in environmental stewardship. We are guided by a key set of principles outlined in our Environmental Policy Statement.

Employees across all operational functions are provided written standards to guide them on the safe actions appropriate to their jobs that, when taken, both minimize and mitigate our operational impact on the environment.

CSX’s environmental management system is composed of approximately 300 fundamental environmental process and instructional documents that provide clear guidance to consistently perform work in accordance with environmental requirements, actions and verification programs.

Requirements & Regulations

Many federal, state and local environmental regulations govern the way we perform our work and guide our environmental efforts, including the U.S. Clean Air Act, U.S. Clean Water Act, U.S. Resource Conservation Recovery Act and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act - commonly referred to as CERLA or Superfund. CSX operational environmental procedures are also created to comply with state environmental regulations.

Above and beyond those standards set by federal and state government, CSX maintains its own operational standards for environmental management, including those found in our environmental policy.

How We Validate

Our Environmental Compliance Assurance Review Program formally tracks operational compliance with environmental regulations, company policies and best management practices. These programs also provide a formal tracking process helping to ensure timely corrective action.

Throughout each year, CSX conducts continual environmental compliance reviews of our:

  • Rail facilities 
    Certified external third-party environmental consultants and a number of trained, qualified internal personnel conduct these multimedia reviews, using a protocol consisting of more than 90 environmental quality items.
  • Vendors and Suppliers 
    Environmental reviews of our vendors and suppliers include laboratories, disposal facilities, contractors and consultants to ensure their environmental compliance. New vendors and suppliers must go through a rigid inspection before being allowed to perform environmental related work for CSX.
  • Lessees 
    We verify our lessees’ operational and infrastructure compliance with applicable environmental regulations.

A third-party application is used to manage system-wide environmental review findings. The system maintains documents, manages actions and tracks closures of outstanding action items.

Standards & Specifications

Prevailing industry environmental standards, including ISO 14001 and the U.S. Department of Justice National Enforcement Investigation Center guidelines, serve as the basis for our environmental programs. We also actively participate in the EPA Smartway program and are included in both the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and the CDP’s Carbon Performance Leadership Index. Learn more about the Smartway program and Carbon Disclosure Project.