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Rail Security Partnerships

As part of our commitment to the safety and security of our network and the communities where we operate, CSX has established several public-private partnerships to provide state homeland security officials information they can use to protect the communities they serve.

CSX has partnerships with 17 states and the District of Columbia, the American Chemistry Council's Chemtrec call-response center, and the Transportation Security Administration. These partnerships provide information, resources and strategies to help better protect the communities in which we operate.

We believe that these partnerships – the first of their kind in the rail industry – can serve as a model and be replicated in other areas.

The elements of these partnerships include:

  • CSX's SecureNOW System: A cornerstone of this partnership is CSX's sharing of its highly specialized secure train and rail car monitoring system. Highlights of the SecureNOW System include:
    • Enhanced Monitoring: Provides state homeland security and law enforcement officials with a tool to identify the status of CSX trains and rail cars.
    •  Information Sharing: Helps security officials prepare for and, if needed, respond to emergency situations.
    • Targeted Security: With additional information about what is carried on rails, state officials can more efficiently allocate law enforcement resources, coordinate with CSX security officials, and integrate rail security into ongoing law enforcement operations.
  • Sharing of hazardous materials density studies: This data helps emergency response organizations plan their resources and identify the types of emergency response training applicable to their jurisdiction.
  • Closer coordination of law enforcement operations in and around CSX yards: CSX can provide its partners with around-the-clock access to its rail security professionals.
  • Developing better rail security policies: States and CSX continue to work with policymakers to identify important public policy issues that can impact and improve rail security.