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Public projects such as highways and utilities often intersect with CSX property. If you have a construction project that involves railroad property, check out the Public Project Manual, a valuable resource for information on safely implementing projects from highway-rail grade crossings to railroad corridors. You also can find information regarding utility permitting, accessing CSX property for any purpose and property code enforcement below.

Public Project Manual (PDF)
For Construction and Improvement Projects That May Involve the Railroad

The Public Project Manual is intended to help communities plan and implement construction and improvement projects that may involve CSX rail property, including:

  • Highway-Rail Grade Crossings
  • Bridges Over CSX
  • Parallel Roads/Facilities
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Projects
  • Other Projects Involving CSX Rail Corridors

CSX places the highest priority on safety – for its employees and for the public. Furthermore, because CSX is a business, the company must give careful consideration to anything that could adversely affect rail service and increase risk to railroad operations.

Quiet Zone Projects

As part of the Federal Train Horn Rule, 49 CFR Part 222, a municipality may apply for a Quiet Zone to reduce the horn noise at railroad crossings in their community. For more information on Quiet Zone Projects along CSX rail lines, please download or print the Quiet Zone Guide.

Conveyance of Property Rights for Department of Transportation Projects

For information, contact [email protected].

Utility Installations and Rights of Entry

Get information on how to permit a utility installation or obtain temporary access to CSX property. Learn more

CSX Property Code Enforcement

If you are a city, municipality or local government official with property code compliance issues, contact us: Contacts by Territory (PDF) 

National Gateway and Other Infrastructure Projects

The National Gateway, a multistate infrastructure project designed to improve the flow of freight between the Mid-Atlantic and the Midwest will improve American competitiveness in global markets, create more than 50,000 jobs, reduce transportation-related emissions by 20 million tons and alleviate congestion on roads and highways. Learn more