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Pittsburgh Intermodal Rail Terminal

Fall 2016 Update

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2016 community update.

Progress continues at the site of the Pittsburgh Intermodal Rail Terminal to keep us on track to complete construction and open the terminal in the middle of 2017. Starting next month, we will begin construction on the terminal’s administration building, which will serve as the main activity hub for terminal operations. For the most up-to-date information, see our latest community update on the right sidebar of this page, and be sure to follow our Facebook group (search Facebook for “Pittsburgh Intermodal Rail Terminal”) or check the “Stay Connected” section below for more ways to keep in touch.

Project Overview

In late September 2015, CSX began construction on the Pittsburgh Intermodal Rail Terminal in Stowe Township and the Borough of McKees Rocks, near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Pittsburgh Intermodal Rail Terminal includes CSX investment of more than $60 million to redevelop the site of the former Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Rail Yard, which operated for more than 100 years.

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CSX is excited to take part in revitalization efforts in the Sto-Rox area by creating transportation savings and stimulating economic activity. The new facility will connect shippers in western Pennsylvania directly to CSX’s extensive intermodal freight rail network, shifting long-haul freight from highways to railways and strengthening the transportation infrastructure that supports the regional economy. The project will also generate jobs during construction, as well as permanent job opportunities related to terminal operations, and additional expected jobs in the region as a result of improved transportation access and distribution opportunities for local and regional businesses.

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CSX is excited to take part in revitalization efforts in the Sto-Rox area by creating transportation savings and stimulating economic activity.

Since the site of the terminal was announced in October 2013, the project has received broad-based support from local, county, state and federal level officials; economic development associations; community organizations and other stakeholders.

The terminal is an important connection in CSX’s $850 million National Gateway public-private partnership, which is creating a more efficient and environmentally friendly transportation network that allows shippers to take advantage of the economics of double-stack containers between Mid-Atlantic ports and Midwest consumers.

Building Momentum in Sto-Rox

CSX is working with local officials to make sure the terminal complements the local industrial development already underway, including efforts to revitalize downtown McKees Rocks and bring new businesses to the industrial park adjacent to the rail yard. We’re proud to support the work of our partners in McKees Rocks and Stowe Township, including the Stowe Township Commissioners and McKees Rocks Borough Council, as well as at Focus on Renewal, Trinity Commercial Development, and the McKees Rocks Community Development Corporation.

Construction Plan

Terminal construction will occur in five main phases, with some work overlapping. The timelines below are general outlines of when work is expected to occur. Factors such as weather and other unanticipated events may impact timing of each phase; we will update the community if significant delays are expected. We will also continue to share information about terminal operations as we move through the construction process.

  • Phase 1: Permitting and Design – Complete! CSX has secured all necessary permits to begin construction.
  • Phase 2: Site Preparation – CSX will demolish existing structures within the terminal footprint and prepare the area for construction, and install silt fencing and other erosion-control measures at the site and the underground utilities needed to support facility operations.
    Timeframe: Beginning fall 2015 and expected to continue through the first half of 2016.
  • Phase 3: Buildings and Electrical Construction – CSX will construct buildings and install energy-efficient LED light poles.
    Timeframe: Expected to begin in late 2015 and to continue through fall 2016.
  • Phase 4: Paving – CSX will complete paving of the area of operations.
    Timeframe: Expected to begin fall 2016 and continue through spring 2017.
  • Phase 5: Track Work – CSX will construct new railroad tracks.
    Timeframe: Expected to begin in late 2016 and continue through the first half of 2017.

Safety is CSX’s highest priority, and the construction of the Pittsburgh Intermodal Rail Terminal will operate under a site-specific safety and security plan that helps ensure the safety of construction crews and the community. CSX and its construction contractors will communicate with local officials and first responders to ensure the safety of on-site workers and our neighbors.

Stay Connected

Keep in touch with CSX! There are several ways to share comments, ask questions and get information about the Pittsburgh Intermodal Rail Terminal:

  • Email: We're at RailPittsburgh@gmail.com
  • Phone: 1-877-TELL CSX. One of our specialists will route your question or comment to the appropriate CSX team member so we can get back to you
  • Facebook: Up-to-date information is posted on our Facebook group each week. Join the group by searching Facebook for “Pittsburgh Intermodal Rail Terminal”
  • This website: We’ll continue to update the information on this page. Fill out the form below for email notifications of new developments

We’ll also be mailing information directly to local residents, and looking for other ways to keep you up to date on the latest developments. Keep an eye on your mailbox!