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Corporate Headquarters

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CSX Transportation, Inc.

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Born Movers

You may have heard us call our employees “born movers” and wonder what that means. It means that our employees are people who live for progress. Thanks to their momentum, energy and passion, CSX is able to move forward as an organization. And that means the economy, the environment and the communities we serve move forward too.



Shantel Davis, AVP - Business Unit Services. In 16 years with CSX, Shantel has been constantly on the move. Starting as an account coordinator in the New Business Development group, she moved to Metals marketing, where she rose from market analyst to senior account coordinator. In 2008, a promotion to Director - West Coast Sales took her across the country. After a few more role changes, she landed in her current role, handling all real estate acquisitions for the company. 


Shannon Drown, Manager - Operations & Compliance. Shannon was encouraged to join CSX by her academic advisor, a rail enthusiast, at the University of Kentucky, and his encouragement paid off. Shannon is now approaching her CSX five-year service anniversary. In addition to good communication, Shannon explained that collaboration is also an important aspect of customer care.


Salvador Rodriguez, Manager - Finance & Administration. Salvador genuinely loves his job. He began his CSX career 13 years ago and has seen a lot of company change and growth and is eager to talk about all the good work happening at CSX de Mexico. Salvador’s view of the business is based on nearly 20 years of company association. 


Rod Logan, AVP - Operating Practices. Rod is a true believer in the idea that, “In order to achieve goals, we have to do it together.” That mantra has served Rod well through the years, and he’s benefited from mentors at different stages of his career.


Patrice Andrews, Director - Locomotive Business Intelligence. Patrice Andrews’ 14-year CSX tenure has been defined by peer connections, development opportunities, and diverse perspectives. In her current role, she partners with the Mechanical and Technology departments to improve locomotive maintenance reporting and implement predictive analytics solutions.


Myrna Gordon, Director PTC - Transportation Systems. As a project manager in the Technology department, Myrna enjoyed working in highly collaborative environments to deliver innovative solutions. When she first came to CSX, she was surprised to see so many long-tenured employees working around her, a fact that still intrigues her today, even after 18 years of employment. 


Mebraht Gebre-Michael, Merchandise Sales Representative, currently manages over 200 customer accounts, primarily focused on Metals, and Paper and Forest. She earns business on the merchandise side, and works closely with multiple areas of operations to ensure there is capacity, service and smooth transit for customers. 


Melissa Hodges, Warehouse Logistics Analyst. Handling the intricate needs of demanding customers can be challenging. And managing the relationships of 400-plus warehouses with which CSX connects, either directly or via short line partners, may be intimidating. Not for Melissa though. She thrives on building and nurturing those relationships. 


Melanie Perea, Manager - Contract Compliance. Melanie certainly doesn’t mind rolling up her sleeves and digging in to help build CSX’s long-term success. Melanie and her team are responsible for contributing significantly to a financial plan of $75M that includes the billing and collections of existing land, utility, road crossing and track agreements, as well as flagging and inspection projects.


Martin White, Assistant Terminal Superintendent. As a reservist with the Florida National Guard, Martin applied for a job with CSX after his father retired from the company with 34 years of service. While a lot of the employee characteristics and values remain the same as they were when his father worked here – hard work, determination and loyalty – CSX employees are now more dedicated to the customer experience.


Krista Torres, Manager - Executive Compensation. Since joining CSX, Krista has taken advantage of several development and growth opportunities. Her proudest moment at CSX was when she revamped the compensation distribution process. The snail mail process, which is very labor and cost-intensive, was transformed into a totally electronic process.


Karen Adams, Manager - Environmental Programs. Although she’s been with CSX only five years, Karen brings a lifetime of education, experience and passion to her role at CSX. Not only is her work critical to the company’s commitment to protecting the environment, but she also ensures that CSX meets the necessary legal requirements to keep trains running to serve our customers.


Juan Oliver, CSX Police Special Agent – Baltimore, joined the railroad in 2012, and with over two decades of experience in the Baltimore Police Department SWAT team, Juan brings a wealth of knowledge to the job every day. Juan supports the railroad’s operations goals by “engaging with the other employees as well as my coworkers and the community...”


John Rose, Great Lakes Division Mechanical Superintendent. With over 39 years as a railroader, John has seen many changes – in the industry, in our company and in his own career.  As far as he’s concerned however, the most important thing remains constant: the people who continue to move CSX forward.



Jessica Hill, Manager - Financial Planning & Analysis, has the ability to maintain composure in stressful situations, which has helped her achieve both professional and personal success at CSX. Recognizing the complex and constantly changing nature of the railroad, Jessica believes that a railroad is a lifelong learning process. 


Jeremiah Davis, Atlanta’s Assistant Division Engineer – Maintenance of Way. The most important lesson Jeremiah learned as a Marine was to be able to work alongside people from diverse backgrounds. These simple, yet hard to teach skills, have helped to shape Jeremiah’s professional and personal life with CSX.


Jason Barnard, Manager – Customer Service, joined CSX after being encouraged by a friend to pursue a career in railroading. Jason now leads a team that’s responsible for helping customers plan, ship and trace freight movements, as well as assisting field operations and commercial partners.


Chad Varney, Senior Project Manager I – IT Service Delivery. With such a dynamic career, Chad may be the only FRA certified conductor in the Technology department. Balancing work and family is a necessary part of Chad’s work ethic, and has been exceptional as a CSX employee for nearly 18 years. 


Carmen Gonzalez, Staffing & Administration Manager. Although she has been a part of the Human Resources team throughout her CSX career, Carmen’s changing roles have exposed her to a variety of functions within the company, requiring her to become familiar with skills needed for various roles throughout the company. 


Amanda DeCesare, Project Manager – Design Construction & Capacity. Amanda's accomplishment in this role is a positive reflection of CSX’s commitment to the communities in which it operates; negotiating project scope, resources and stakeholder interactions required to execute initiatives that have community and state jurisdictions.


Meet CSX employee Yousef Abdel-Moty. As the Manager for Mechanical Locomotive, Yousef literally keeps CSX moving forward. He excels at creating modifications and new specifications for locomotives, conducting failure analysis, and solving technical issues that arise with CSX locomotives. Yousef is an integral member of the next generation of CSX and has proven himself a true born mover.


Meet Salmaan Wahidi, employee of CSX since 2006 and the 2010 winner of the Chairman’s Award of Excellence. As the Director for Financial Planning and Forecasting, Salmaan diligently reports analytics, prepares annual budgets and guides business leaders to manage more effectively. Even as a seasoned employee of CSX, Salmaan stresses that thoughts from every level of the organization should be heard in search of the best solutions.


Meet Danielle White, the Terminal Manager for intermodal out of Louisville. Danielle is a true born mover, helping freight get from point A to point B safely and efficiently. She manages intermodal activities such as loading and unloading of trains and loading freight from trucks onto trains. Danielle leads CSX intermodal in exceeding customer expectations.


Raghu Chatrathi - Director of Environmental Remediation, Engineering & Advanced Technology, has helped cultivate CSX’s commitment to sustainability and environmental leadership. Thank you, Raghu, for your daily inspiration to the CSX community.


Jacqueline Torres – Roadmaster, keeps CSX moving forward by ensuring quality maintenance of railroad track. Jacqueline maintains all tracks to specifications set by CSXT and the FRA. Jaqueline keeps both our people and our tracks secure by managing personal safety and the track safety process.