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CSX's Joe Hinrichs Visits White House in Support of Talent Pipeline Challenge

November 2, 2022 - CSX is actively engaged in a White House-led effort to build a pipeline that’s critical to the nation’s future — a talent pipeline.

Since signing the White House Talent Pipeline Challenge Pledge in August, CSX has been meeting with White House officials and federal agencies to advance the initiative designed to strengthen the nation’s infrastructure and supply chains by training and hiring skilled, diverse workers.

CSX President and Chief Executive Officer Joe Hinrichs attended a Talent Pipeline Challenge event in Washington Nov. 2 to reinforce the company’s commitment to the initiative, which aligns with CSX’s own hiring and training efforts.

“We’re proud to be onboard with the White House and the wide range of government, education, training and labor partners who are committed to connecting diverse populations with job opportunities that support the nation’s critical infrastructure, from transportation to technology,” Hinrichs said. “We’re looking forward to developing partnerships that help meet the demand for well-paid, skilled employees to move the freight that drives the U.S. economy.”

CSX leaders met over the summer with officials from the White House and individual agencies, including the Department of Labor, Department of Transportation and Department of Health and Human Services to discuss programs that help achieve Talent Pipeline Challenge goals. 

Hinrichs noted that CSX fully supports activities promoted by the Talent Pipeline Challenge, such as tuition assistance, childcare, transportation assistance, emergency aid and other benefits that help individuals in populations targeted by the initiative join the workforce.

The company also is aggressively recruiting transportation workers across a wide range of channels and providing extensive training, with pay, for new recruits. Military veterans are among the job candidates highly recruited by CSX, which is recognized nationally as a best place to work for veterans and participates in programs that help veterans successfully transition to private industry.

“In addition to supporting the nation’s economy, the Talent Pipeline Challenge is helping CSX and many other major employers across the United States meet our training and hiring goals,” Hinrichs said. “We’re excited to see how we can create new partnerships and expand existing ones with other Talent Pipeline participants.”

To learn more about CSX’s employee benefits and available positions, visit csx.com/careers.