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Job Descriptions

Chief of Police

This position is responsible for the strategic direction of all police activities including personnel, policy, purchasing, record keeping, and property management. The Chief of Police is responsible for directing the overall department.

Deputy Police Chief

This is a managerial position involving responsibility for the operations of all police activities within a region of responsibility including personnel, purchasing, record keeping and property management. The Deputy Police Chief is responsible for directing the department. His or her work is performed under the general supervision of the Chief of Police. Supervision is exercised over the work of all subordinate police department personnel.

Police Assistant

The Police Assistant provides administrative support to the CSXT Police Department. Incumbents in this title manage calendars, emails, and phone calls; coordinate all technical and administrative support; make travel arrangements, schedule meetings, conferences, training, etc.; and coordinate with vendors on meeting space, catering, and hotel rooms. In addition, they prepare materials and presentations for meetings and summary reports, spreadsheets and graphs. The Police Assistant monitors the department budget reports, reviews expense reports and appropriate documentation, and processes invoices for payment.

Special Agent in Charge

The Special Agent in Charge oversees all railroad police-related activities in an assigned area. Incumbents in this title lead a team of Police Supervisory Special Agents, K9 Technical Special Agents, and Special Agents who are responsible for preventing crime and protecting the interests of CSX Transportation (CSXT), its employees, customers, and the public while on or about CSXT property. In addition, they ensure that these agents conduct themselves with a priority focus on safety, customer service, training and professional development, operational efficiency, crime prevention, and related actions designed to protect shipments in the case, custody, and control of CSXT. The Special Agent in Charge serves as the CSXT senior law enforcement officer in his or her area of responsibility and is required to ensure that the proper coordination of criminal investigations, crime detection and prevention measures, and counter-terrorism activities are made with federal, state, tribal, and local law enforcement, homeland security, and emergency management agencies.

Supervisory Special Agent

The Supervisory Special Agent provides day-to-day supervision for CSX Police Special Agents and assists the Special Agent in Charge in executing the duties and responsibilities of the office within their assigned area of responsibility. They protect and ensure the safety of all employees, customers, public and pedestrians while on or about CSX property. In addition, they protect shipments entrusted to CSX against theft and vandalism, investigate crimes on or against the railroad, and participate in public safety activities including Operation Lifesaver. The Supervisory Special Agent supports the general mission of the police department, prevents crime, and protects the interests of CSXT.

Special Agent

The (CSXT) Special Agent protects and ensures the safety of all employees, customers, public, and pedestrians while on or about CSX Transportation CSXT property. They protect shipments entrusted to CSXT against theft and vandalism, investigate crimes on or against the railroad, and participate in public safety activities including Operation Lifesaver. Special Agents support the general mission of the police department, prevent crime, and protect the interests of CSXT. In addition, they provide essential and physical protection to sensitive rail shipments and protect the national strategic rail network vital to national defense and interstate commerce.

Technical Special Agent – K-9

The Technical Special Agent (K9) investigates crimes on or against the railroad including thefts, vandalism, derailments, signal damage, ans track obstructions, and escorts and protects CSX trains and the traveling public on Amtrak and commuter rail operations on CSX tracks. They utilize trained police canines for conducting patrols, crime detection, tracking, and crime prevention through highly visible presence on and about CSX property. The Technical Special Agent supports the general mission of the Police Department, prevents crime, and protects the interests of CSX Transportation (CSXT).

Hazmat Materials Technical Special Agent (HMSA)

The HMSA Program is responsible for supporting the safe transportation of chemicals and hazardous materials throughout the 23 state, 21,000 mile CSX rail network. These highly specialized members of the police department support both the CSX Police and CSX Hazardous Materials Department's mission by responding to hazardous materials incidents and assisting CSX hazardous materials managers (HMMs) in responding to, addressing, and managing hazmat releases. Hazardous Materials Special Agents receive intensive, specialized hazardous materials training including tank car construction, chemistry, and incident management over the course of 12 months. During this time, the HMSA’s also receive training in the use of chemical resistant personal protective equipment, self-contained breathing apparatus, and DOT hazardous materials regulations.  They provide valuable assistance to Hazardous Materials Managers in conducting training for emergency first responders and performing emergency response duties to actual emergencies and spills. When not performing hazardous materials related duties, the HMSAs perform traditional railroad policing duties. Additionally, the HMSAs provide critical support to the HMMs during major incidents, either at the site of the emergency or by handling other important assignments. HMSAs are geographically and strategically placed across the CSX network.

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