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Brian Morgan Honored with 2024 Veteran Champions of the Year Award

May 24, 2024  Brian Morgan, CSX Senior Talent Advisor, has been awarded the prestigious 2024 Veteran Champions of the Year (VCOY) in Corporate America award by Military Friendly®. This honor recognizes individuals who have demonstrated exceptional dedication to supporting America’s veterans as they transition to civilian careers.

Military Friendly® awards the VCOY to individuals who establish and maintain sustainable opportunities, services, and programs for veterans within their organizations. 

“The transition from military to civilian life can be challenging, even for the most prepared service members,” said Dan Fazio, the awards program manager for Military Friendly®. “The remarkable support and guidance provided by these advocates to help veterans thrive in their civilian careers are truly commendable.”

Through his role at CSX, Morgan has helped lead efforts to assist veterans in leveraging their leadership and technical skills into successful civilian careers with the company. 

During a recent “Buzz on Veterans” interview, Morgan talked about the wide range of opportunities available to veterans at CSX. “We’re a large organization with opportunities across a wide variety of departments and functional areas,” he said. “In addition to our field operations, we have procurement, accounting, marketing, sales, customer service – and much more.”

Morgan's commitment to veterans stems from his personal experience. He decided to join the military at just 15 years old, inspired by the World Trade Center attack on September 11, 2001. He enlisted in the Navy as soon as he was eligible.

After leaving the service four years later, Morgan quickly recognized the employment challenges many veterans face. “A lot of people for the first time in their lives are facing unemployment,” Morgan explained.

When veterans do find jobs, it's often not the right fit, as nearly three-quarters of veterans change their first job out of the service within three years. For Morgan, this indicates a significant mismatch of talent.

To address these issues, Morgan focuses on placing veterans in roles that are a cultural fit and where they can thrive. As a testament to his and the broader CSX team’s success, Morgan points out that the average tenure at CSX is over 15 years. Additionally, 16% of the CSX workforce comprises veterans, active-duty military or first responders.

The Military Friendly® ratings program, initiated in 2003, aims to encourage civilian organizations to invest in recruiting, retaining, and advancing veterans. Morgan was among 58 champions selected for their unwavering advocacy for veterans and military employees across corporate America, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.

Brian Morgan’s recognition as a VCOY recipient underscores his and CSX’s commitment to empowering veterans, ensuring they find meaningful and lasting careers in the civilian workforce.