Engineering Management Trainee

The Engineering Department is responsible for the maintenance of all facilities, bridges, signals, and track. The majority of entry-level, non-contract positions work in the field managing a contract crew to ensure that all fixtures on the railroad work properly. The Engineering Department works very closely with the Operations Department when derailments occur, as the track and right-of-way must be repaired immediately for trains to be placed back on schedule.

After a training period of approximately nine months, the Engineering Management Trainee will be assigned to the Bridge, Track, Signals, or Design and Construction Department.

Duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Inspect and maintain all track structure and right-of-way to specifications set by CSX Transportation and regulated by the Federal Railroad Administration including railway bridges, buildings, pipes, tunnels, track and special facilities.
  • Directly supervise and develop track forces to ensure quality maintenance and safe work performance.
  • Inspect track work completed by contractors and approve track for service.
  • Place slow orders as necessary.
  • Supervise engineering forces at derailments.
  • Monitor safety performance of personnel and implement safety directives.
  • Assist in the development of safety program and goals.


At minimum, an Associates degree with one year of supervisory experience or a Bachelors degree with at least two months of supervisory experience preferably in Construction Management, Civil Engineering, Electronic Engineering Technology, Electrical Engineering, Architectural Engineering, Skilled Trades (building/construction, electrical, mechanical), Transportation, Logistics, Rail Operations, Agriculture, or Manufacturing.  Experience in construction or engineering projects is strongly preferred. Applicants should demonstrate a record of leadership, project execution, problem solving and communications skills. Also pertinent to this position are up-to-date computer skills and the ability to read and interpret engineering drawings. Candidates must be willing to relocate. This position calls for flexibility to work weekends, holidays, swing shifts, evenings and on-call duty, as well as the use of protective gear, including hard-hat and steel-toed boots.

Preferred Degrees:
Construction Management
Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering Technology
Architectural Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Electronic Engineering Technology