Job Overviews

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Learn more about railroad jobs available in the following areas:

Clerical: Learn more about the group of employees who support our business process and problem resolution.

Corporate: From Finance to HR, Sales & Marketing to Technology, these and many other professional roles support the business of CSX.

Engineering: Maintenance and repair of our 21,000 miles of track, plus our facilities, bridges and communication signals, falls under the Engineering team.

Intermodal: This fast-growing industry combines rail, highway and marine transportation to connect our rail network with the country and the world.

Management Training and Leadership Development Programs: These rotational training programs develop our future leaders through a blend of state-of-the-art classroom and on-the-job training.

MechanicalThis team is in charge of the maintenance, repair, service and inspection of our locomotives and equipment.

Transportation: This department coordinates logistics and the movement of our customers’ valuable freight across our rail network.


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