Developing and sustaining a strong, diverse organization is essential to achieving our business objectives. It all boils down to our ability to be competitive in a changing marketplace. And one of the best ways to do that is by creating an environment that attracts, develops and retains the top people.

Creating a Culture of Inclusion: Innovation, Collaboration, Risk-taking

Inclusion at CSX means to foster a culture where people regardless of their differences, feel respected, safe and valued.

Inclusion means engaging everyone regardless of age, gender, race, tenure, railroad affiliation, physical challenges, sexual orientation, geographic location, educational level, income or life experiences.

Diversity and Inclusion are not:

  • Limited to race and gender
  • About preferences or quotas
  • About changing people's beliefs
  • Affirmative action (a law put in place to ensure that employees take positive steps to attract, promote, and retain females, minorities, veterans, and the physically challenged.)


CSX Employees on Inclusion

Becky Hamilton, Safety
"Waiting for a train to pass a crossing might not inspire most women to consider a career move, but with a degree in hand and as a newly Commissioned Officer in the Army Reserves, that's where my career with CSX began in 1996. Railroading is considered by most to be a non-traditional career for women, and what I've found in my years with CSX is non-traditional. CSX sets the standard. I started my career as a Freight Conductor and was soon promoted to a Yardmaster. By 1998 I joined the management team as a Logistics/Operations Officer. Since then I have worked in a variety of positions. I came to CSX knowing that they offered great pay, benefits, retirement, etc., but what I've found is a great company that offers vast opportunities to every employee.

"CSX offers great career opportunities for all women whether you're the hands on type or looking for something in management. CSX's focus on safety, core values, and service to customers and employees alike are only a few reasons women should consider a career with CSX.

"After 9/11, I was called to active duty for four years. While deployed to the Middle East for one year and while serving stateside for the remaining three years, CSX and its employees were a constant support of my military service, not only sending care packages and recognizing every CSX service member but also providing differential pay to all who were and still are serving."

Sam Raab II, Public Safety Communications Center
"I am proud to work for a company like CSX: a company that embraces the differences in people, recognizes the value in those differences, and is actively engaged with creating a workforce that is reflective of the thousands of communities we operate in every day."

Pat Wright, Customer Accounting
"I am very proud to be a member of The CSX Inclusion Team. The many programs that are offered play a vital role in supporting our communities. The opportunities and development for employees of all races and gender has changed at CSX. Women are leaders in the company and making major decisions."

Margaret Downey, Railroad Education and Development
"Being involved in the inclusion efforts at CSX has been a fabulous experience. While participating in many of the events and brown bag seminars, I have learned so much about other cultures and their customs. I've also met many wonderful people who are very different, and the differences are what make getting to know these individuals such a rich experience. Today we are working hard to achieve a culture of inclusion. We have learned to value the strengths found in differences and to understand that diversity of thought and experience strengthens rather than divides our CSX team."


Inclusion in Practice

CSX employees participate in more than 20 Inclusion Groups and Councils throughout the 23-state network. Groups are required to establish goals that align with CSX business imperatives.

Inclusion Group and Council members are actively involved in both community service and recruitment for CSX. And they are making a difference. In 2007, new employees in CSX management were 49% diverse. These groups include councils in Jacksonville, Atlanta, Louisville, Florence, Chicago, Huntington, Baltimore, Tampa and other locations.

CSX employees are also very active in inclusion groups for African Americans; Asian Americans; Hispanics; Young Professionals; Women's Network; Military; Working Parents; Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Employees; and Adults Caring for Elders.

The Annual inclusion Forum is held in Jacksonville each spring, with employees from throughout the CSX network participating in a series of executive and leadership panel discussions, social networking events, workshops and study circles.

"They say that creating a culture of inclusion is a journey," said CEO Michael Ward. "At CSX, we're committed to fostering innovation, collaboration and risk-taking. We've built coaching and inclusion into our core competencies and as a result, we are now seeing this new culture emerge."


We're proud to be nationally recognized by several organizations and publications for our ongoing dedication to excellence, best practices and a diverse workforce. Take a look at some recent awards CSX has received.