Track and Trace

Manage car location information: set up automated reports and have results e-mailed directly to you. CSX offers several options:

ShipCSX Shipment Management Suite

Monitor Specific Cars or Shipments: Use ShipCSX Rail Car Tracking to trace rail cars, to use quick-trace features, or to save pools of cars for repeated tracing. View results on-screen, download results or have them delivered via e-mail. Quick-trace features allow you to view cars at your industry, in the serving yard or en route to your serving yard.

Set Up Custom Reports: Use ShipCSX Parameter Trace to create customized trace reports. You define the type of traffic or events to be traced and when you want these reports to be run. For repetitive queries, schedule reports to run at predetermined times and have the results automatically e-mailed to you.

Schedule E-Mail Alerts for Specified Events: Use ShipCSX Event Notification to create reports for events based on traffic characteristics like origin, destination, commodity and equipment, and have the reports automatically delivered when any of the events occur for your defined traffic.

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Mouse over the "Trace" tab and select "Shipment Management Suite"

For intermodal shipments, select “Intermodal Tracking” to trace intermodal equipment, or “CSXI Terminal Reports” for en route and availability reports.

For help with ShipCSX, call 1-877-ShipCSX (1-877-744-7279), option 2.