Short Line Profile
Shortline Code: MMRR
Shortline Name: Mid-Michigan Railroad (via LSRC)
Website Address:
Contact Name: Ken Livingston
Contact Phone: (989) 797-5132
Contact Fax:
Contact Address: 101 Enterprise Drive
Vassar, MI 48768
States Operating In: MI
Junction Points: MI, Paines
MI, Elmdale
Settlement Type: Interline Settlement
Holding Company: G&W - Midwest Region
CSX Contact: Jason Kerkezi

Road Number: 785
260 Junction code: ELMDA; PAINE
No. of Miles Operated: 32
286,000 lb. Gross Weight: Yes
Bulk Commodity Storage: Yes
Loading / Unloading Ramp: Yes
Rolling Stock Available: No
Team Track Capability: Yes
Team Track Locations: St. Louis, MI
Lease Track Capability: Yes
Lease Track - Track Feet: 2,500
Lumber Reload Facility: Yes
Lumber Reload Facility Name: Bay Logistics
Lumber Facility Car Spots: 2


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