Private Grade Crossing Policy


New Crossings:

The railroad, in its commitment to employee and public safety, is firmly opposed to the establishment of any grade crossing. Both federal and state government policies discourage the creation of new grade crossings. In seeking to carry out this policy, both the U.S. Department of Transportation and state agencies have adopted programs to eliminate grade crossings by constructing bridges or by diverting traffic to existing overhead, subgrade or at-grade crossings. CSX fully supports these policies and programs. We strongly urge you to find an alternate means of access – examine the prospect of providing a bridge – instead of applying for a grade crossing.

Existing Crossings:

If you desire an agreement for an existing private grade crossing, please print out and complete the Existing Private Grade Crossing Application Packet (PDF) .

Send the completed packet to:
CSX Transportation Inc.
Private Grade Crossing, J-180
6737 Southpoint Drive South
Jacksonville, FL 32216

Fax questions to 904-245-4515.

Moving Equipment Across Track

To move large or unusual equipment across CSXT tracks, use the Right of Entry application form.