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Railroad Emergency – 1-800-232-0144

To report a railroad emergency, contact the CSX Public Safety Coordination Center at 1-800-232-0144 immediately. Be prepared to tell us your name, location and what you observed.

The following are railroad emergencies:

  • Crossing Malfunction: Any gate or signal issues.
  • Blocked Track: Car or object on the tracks.
  • Crossing Accident: Auto or train/auto accident at a crossing.
  • Environmental-Hazmat Emergency: Hazmat release.
  • Theft/Vandalism: Report theft or vandalism on CSX property.
  • Trespassing: Report trespassing on CSX property.
  • Blocked Crossing – Currently Blocked: Train currently blocking a crossing.
  • Unsafe Employee Driving: Report unsafe driving by a CSX employee.


CSX is the only Class I railroad to provide a central place for the public to call about non-emergency issues. The most common issues involve rough crossings, blocked crossings, horn noise, real estate questions, vegetation and construction projects.
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