Highway-Rail Grade Crossing and Trespasser Safety Awareness

CSX is committed to safety in the communities served by our rail network.

Approximately every 3 hours somewhere in the United States, a person or vehicle is hit by a train. A freight train moving at 55 miles per hour can take a mile or more to stop – that's the equivalent of nearly 18 football fields. With 5.3 million new drivers every year in CSX's service territory, highway-rail grade crossing safety awareness is important for everyone.

Employees work year-round to improve highway-rail grade crossing safety:

  • CSX works to improve highway-rail grade crossings equipped with passive warning signs, with a program to clear-cut trees and vegetation to give motorists a better view as they approach the tracks.
  • CSX was the first railroad in the United States to adopt a system-wide highway-rail grade crossing emergency notification sign program. These signs provide a means by which the public may report malfunctioning warning signals, vehicles stalled on the tracks or any other emergency situation.
  • CSX uses highly visible safety campaigns to raise public awareness of the potential hazards of highway-rail grade crossings and of trespassing on railroad property.

Play it Safe

Since 2004, CSX has rigorously pursued safety improvements in all aspects of its operations and has enhanced efforts to educate our communities on rail-related hazards. The Play It Safe campaign stresses the importance of staying safe around trains and tracks.

As part of this safety outreach effort, CSX will again enlist the aid of NASCAR to energize our campaign to reduce injuries and fatalities around railroad tracks. CSX has teamed up with Front Row Motorsports and driver David Ragan to deliver our message. Starting with the Daytona 500, Ragan’s No. 34 car sported an “I BRAKE FOR TRAINS” bumper sticker. The decal will remain on the car for all 36 races throughout the 2013 season.  NASCAR is an excellent venue to capture the attention of teens as well as 18-34 year-old males – the group most likely to be involved in highway-rail crossing and trespassing incidents.

This year’s Play It Safe campaign is also on college campuses with sponsorship of basketball games at the University of Louisville, Indiana State University and the University of Central Florida.

In addition to the NASCAR and NCAA Basketball sponsorships, CSX also takes advantage of other electronic media including TV, radio and Internet ads, as well as print materials and billboards.

Learn more at http://www.beyondourrails.org/safety/play 

Operation Lifesaver

CSX strongly believes in public-safety outreach and works closely with Operation Lifesaver, an education and awareness organization dedicated to ending collisions, fatalities and injuries at highway-rail grade crossings and railroad rights-of-way. Operation Lifesaver is a national program that provides free safety presentations to more than 1 million people each year, including community groups, children and school bus drivers to teach the importance of staying away from railroad property and obeying safety warning signs at crossings. The program also provides training that reminds police officers and other first responders of the importance of rail safety.

Operation Lifesaver's authorized volunteers provide free safety presentations for people of all professions and age groups to help them make safe decisions around tracks and trains.

Learn more at www.oli.org 

In 2014, Operation Lifesaver partnered with federal safety agencies and the nation’s railroads to launch the See Tracks? Think Train! campaign aimed at raising awareness about risky pedestrian and driver behavior around railroad tracks.

Learn more at http://www.seetracksthinktrain.org/