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At CSX, our corporate giving program focuses support on personal safety education, community safety and the environment. We support local nonprofit organizations through cash and non-cash donations and through our people. Each year, CSX provides more than $8 million in financial assistance to local and national agencies and organizations that are equally committed to making a difference.

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Focus Areas for CSX Giving and Support

At CSX, our giving guidelines are focused on these key areas:

Personal Safety Education

When children feel safe, they are able to learn, grow and reach their full potential. In an effort to help keep kids safe, CSX will support non-profit organizations and school programs that:

  • Educate children and their parents on issues of personal safety.
  • Help keep children safe on the internet.
  • Teach railroad safety to children, teens and adults.
  • Provide safe havens that keep children and adults safe from abuse.

Community Safety

In emergency situations, communities must be able to respond in a timely and effective manner, and first responders are key to making this happen. CSX is committed to maintaining, promoting and restoring safety by supporting:

  • Safety, disaster, high alert and hazardous materials training.
  • Equipment requirements of first responders.
  • Projects and activities that keep communities safe, such as a fence around a neighborhood playground.


CSX is committed to protecting the environment through its business practices and its philanthropy. We support programs that:

  • Protect air, land and water resources in the communities in which we operate.
  • Preserve natural resources.
  • Teach environmental stewardship to children and adults.

Request Donations and Sponsorships

The corporation welcomes requests for support throughout the year. Visit the Giving Gateway  on Beyond Our Rails to learn more about our giving guidelines and request CSX community resources via our on-line application. All requests are reviewed and responded to within 90 days or less. All requests are reviewed and processed on a quarterly basis by the Corporate Contributions Committee.

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