Projects and Partnerships

The Promise of Tomorrow

Today’s freight railroads are a major competitive advantage for the United States. CSX and the rail industry provide customers with access to an interconnected transportation network that plays a key role in North American commerce and helps keep them competitive in the global supply chain.

At CSX, we hold ourselves accountable for tackling important issues for our nation, which is why we have formed several projects and partnerships with a focus on solving problems related to the environment, traffic congestion and energy independence.

National Gateway

The National Gateway is an award-winning $850 million public-private partnership to create a highly efficient and environmentally friendly double-stack cleared rail corridor between the mid-Atlantic and Midwest. Learn more

Clean Air

At CSX, we consider our responsibility to the environment as vital to our business as shipping goods. One of our primary projects is finding ways to continue improving air quality. Learn more

Sustainable Infrastructure

Our rails continue to improve shipping efficiency overall while decreasing our economy’s impact on the environment. Because of this, they will play a key role in providing the essential transportation infrastructure required by an ever-growing population. Learn more
Fuel Efficiency

Moving freight by rail is 3 times more fuel efficient than moving freight on the highway. At CSX, we’re constantly leading projects to find innovative technologies that realize even greater gains in fuel efficiency. Learn more


If it’s in your life, it’s probably on a CSX train. Rail transportation is vital to the health of American industry, and CSX is continuing to do its part to help move the economy in the right direction. Learn more