Powered by Principles

At CSX, our vision, purpose and core values are the foundation for everything we do. This allows us to focus on what is important. Disciplined execution distinguishes great companies. Being powered by principles – our vision, purpose and values – is the heart and soul of CSX.

How we meet our commitments and fulfill expectations will define our success. We believe that living by a set of core values will guide the way we treat each other and how we make business decisions. Our daily behavior shapes our company’s reputation and value as a freight transportation provider, an employer, an integral member of our local communities and a nationwide corporate citizen.


To be the safest, most progressive North American railroad, relentless in the pursuit of customer and employee excellence.


To capitalize on the efficiency of rail transportation to serve America.

Core Values

At CSX, we believe that living by a set of fundamental core values helps to define the true measure of a company. When all employees are aligned with fundamental guiding principles, companies consistently serve their customers and other stakeholders and deliver superior financial results that ensure long-term success. Our core values are:

It Starts With the Customer

  • Reliable service is our key to growth.
  • Grow by understanding and meeting needs.
  • Become easier to do business with.
  • Own their problems – win their business.

People Make the Difference

  • Every employee engaged and adding value.
  • Emphasis on professional and personal growth.
  • Expect a lot – have fun – celebrate success.
  • Treat each other with respect and dignity.

Safety Is a Way of Life

  • Live safely for your family.
  • Take time to be safe.
  • Look out for each other.
  • Safety affects customers.


  • Use customer-based performance measures.
  • Fix the problem, not its symptoms.
  • Improve performance with facts.
  • Validate – don’t speculate.

Right Results, Right Way

  • Reward our shareholders.
  • Be a positive influence on communities and the environment.
  • How you get there matters.
  • Avoid fault-fixing.