Management Team

Michael J. Ward
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Ward is chairman and chief executive officer and a 38-year company veteran. Under his leadership, the company continues to achieve record safety performance while supporting customer growth and posting strong financial results for shareholders. He was named president of CSX Transportation in 2000, elected to the Board of Directors in 2002, and appointed chairman and chief executive officer in January 2003. Mr. Ward has held executive positions in nearly all aspects of the company’s business, including sales and marketing, operations and finance.


Clarence W. Gooden
Mr. Gooden was appointed president in September 2015 with responsibility for sales and marketing and operations. Previously, he was executive vice president and chief sales and marketing officer. A 40-year veteran of both sales and marketing and operations, Mr. Gooden has headed the intermodal, merchandise and energy markets teams, and also served as vice president-network operations among other operations leadership roles.



Fredrik J. Eliasson
Executive Vice President and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer​
Mr. Eliasson was named executive vice president and chief sales and marketing officer in September 2015. He leads activities responsible for serving customers and growing rail-served markets, forecasting business trends, and developing strategic plans for revenue growth. He was previously executive vice president and chief financial officer. Prior to rejoining finance, Mr. Eliasson led the chemicals and fertilizer group, and emerging markets.



Ellen M. Fitzsimmons
Executive Vice President of Law and Public Affairs, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
Ms. Fitzsimmons, who was named executive vice president in 2012, directs the company’s legal affairs and activities related to security, risk management, strategic infrastructure, environmental responsibility, audit, government relations, corporate communications and community relations. She joined CSX in 1991 and was named corporate general counsel in 1997. In 2001, she became senior vice president-law and general counsel, and in 2003, senior vice president-law and public affairs, general counsel and corporate secretary.


Frank A. Lonegro
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Lonegro was appointed executive vice president and chief financial officer in September 2015. He directs all financial aspects of the company’s business, including financial and economic analysis, strategic planning, enterprise risk management and insurance, as well as accounting, tax, treasury and investor relations activities. In his more than 15 years with CSX, Mr. Lonegro has served in leadership roles that included technology, mechanical and internal audit.



Lisa A. Mancini
Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer
Ms. Mancini, who was named senior vice president in 2009 and chief administrative officer in 2011, is responsible for employee compensation and benefits, labor relations, human resources, real estate, procurement, facilities and aviation. She previously served as vice president-strategic infrastructure initiatives from 2007-2009. She joined the company in 2003, and was named vice president-labor relations in 2004.



Cindy Sanborn
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Ms. Sanborn was appointed executive vice president and chief operating officer in September 2015, following her appointment as executive vice president-operations in February of the same year. She brings more than 25 years of operations experience and is responsible for all transportation, mechanical and engineering functions that combine to deliver safe, reliable and cost effective service. She was named vice president and chief transportation officer in 2009, after having held various operations leadership roles.



Carolyn T. Sizemore
Vice President and Controller
Ms. Sizemore has served as vice president and controller since 2002. She is responsible for financial and regulatory reporting, freight billing and collections, payroll for the company’s 32,000 employees, accounts payable and various other accounting responsibilities. During her tenure with CSX that began in 1989, Ms. Sizemore has served in accounting, financial strategies, budgets and performance analysis roles.



Mike Pendergrass
Vice President and Chief Transportation Officer
Mr. Pendergrass, a veteran of 37 years in the rail industry, was appointed vice president and chief transportation officer in February 2015. He directs the daily operation of more than 1,200 trains over CSX’s eastern U.S. and Canadian network. Mr. Pendergrass was most recently vice president-transportation South. He joined the company in 1989 after more than a decade of service with Southern Pacific Transportation Company.



Richard Hood
President, CSX Real Property Inc.
Mr. Hood was named president, CSX Real Property, in 2014 after 10 years as assistant vice president-business unit services. He oversees real estate activities, including the sales, leasing and development of surplus property, acquisition of property for industrial development, and licensing of rail corridor and pipeline usage as it relates to CSX’s properties. Mr. Hood joined CSX predecessor company Chessie System in Baltimore in 1980.



David H. Baggs
Vice President, Treasurer and Investor Relations Officer
Mr. Baggs was named vice president, treasurer and investor relations officer in 2015 and directs all strategic aspects of the company’s capital structure and broader treasury and investor relations activities, including interaction with shareholders, research analysts, bondholders, rating agencies, and the investment and commercial banking community. He leads CSX’s capital markets and risk management activities, pension and 401K plans, and investment and commercial banking relationships. Under his leadership and direction, the company’s investor relations program has been recognized repeatedly by Institutional Investor magazine. His career at CSX spans more than 25 years and has also included various leadership positions in economic analysis, business planning, and corporate strategy.


Peter J. Shudtz
Vice President-Federal Regulation and General Counsel
Mr. Shudtz leads all activities related to regulatory matters and associated legal issues. He joined the CSX predecessor company Chessie System in 1976 in Baltimore, and later worked in Cleveland and Richmond, Va. He was named general counsel in 1990, and vice president-law and general counsel in 1997 in Richmond. A former Interstate Commerce Commission attorney, Mr. Shudtz has led regulatory affairs and served as Washington counsel since 2001.




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