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Report a Railroad Emergency:  1-800-232-0144

Any issue or incident that risks the safety of any person should be reported immediately. Be prepared to tell us your name, location and what you observed.

These are considered railroad emergencies:

  • Crossing Malfunction: Any gate or signal issues
  • Blocked Track: Car or object on the tracks
  • Crossing Accident: Auto or train/auto accident at a crossing
  • Environmental-Hazmat Emergency: Hazmat release
  • Theft/Vandalism: Report theft or vandalism on CSX property
  • Trespassing: Report trespassing on CSX property
  • Blocked Crossing: Currently Blocked: Train currently blocking a crossing
  • Unsafe Employee Driving: Report unsafe driving by CSX employee


Blount County Compensation Process

To contact CSX for non-emergency issues, please call TellCSX at (877) 835-5279, or select a category.



Corporate Headquarters
500 Water Street, 15th Floor
Jacksonville, FL 32202

CSX Transportation
500 Water Street
Jacksonville, FL 32202

CSX Ethics Helpline:  1-800-737-1663 or Log on here 
To report suspected misconduct, raise concerns about ethics and compliance matters, or ask questions without fear of retaliation. The ethics helpline is available 24 x 7. Callers may remain anonymous.

Railroad Ties
CSX generally does not sell scrap materials directly to the general public. We have contracts with several companies that handle our scrap-removal services. If you wish to purchase scrap ties, contact National Salvage & Service Corporation at 1-800-769-8437.

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