CSX in New Jersey

CSX Operations in New Jersey

  • Operates and maintains nearly 1,000 miles of track*
  • Maintains nearly 100 public and private grade crossings
  • Handled more than 850,000 carloads of freight during 2012
  • At the end of 2012, CSX employed more than 220 people
  • Throughout 2012, CSX reported more than $19 million in compensation for employees**
  • In 2012, CSX invested more than $5.5 million in its New Jersey network. In addition, the company invested more than $864 million in freight cars and other rolling assets to serve customers through its rail system.
  • CSX carries a variety of commodities important to our economy and way of life, including consumer products, automobiles, food and agriculture products, coal and chemicals. Products shipped in New Jersey include containerized consumer goods, ethanol, passenger vehicles, and refrigerated food products.

CSX Facilities in New Jersey

  • Major rail yards in Newark (Oak Island), South Kearny, North Bergen, and Manville
  • Intermodal terminals in North Bergen, Little Ferry, South Kearny, Elizabeth (Millennium Marine Rail on-dock terminal), and Newark (PNCT on-dock terminal)
  • TRANSFLO terminal in Elizabeth
  • Automotive distribution centers in Ridgefield and Newark (Doremus 1 & 2)

CSX and the New Jersey Community

  • In partnership with state and local economic development agencies, businesses invested more than $280,000 in new or expanded rail-served facilities on CSX or its connecting regional and short lines in 2012. These investments will generate an estimated 11 new jobs at those businesses.
  • In 2012, CSX contributed thousands of dollars to national organizations and those in New Jersey, including American Red Cross. Following Superstorm Sandy, CSX helped relocate American Red Cross emergency response vehicles and donated more than $1 million in clothing for New York and New Jersey residents.

Port Reading Junction (Manville)

  • This work will enable simultaneous train movements through a busy junction served by CSX, NS and Conrail that can currently only accommodate one train at a time. The project involves work on each of the railroads. Conrail’s element is complete and CSX’s element will follow this year. This project was funded with SAFTEA-LU Liberty Corridor earmark money as well as Conrail, CSX and NS funds.

“Trent” Interlocking (West Trenton)

  • This project will add a higher-speed crossover at CP “Trent” in West Trenton, New Jersey. Most of the project is funded with federal Congestion, Mitigation, Air Quality (CMAQ) funds administered through the New Jersey State DOT.

* Miles of track includes single main track, other main track, yard tracks and sidings as of December 31, 2012.
** This figure includes current and former employees.

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