CSX in Louisiana

CSX Operations in Louisiana

  • Operates and maintains nearly 140 miles of track*
  • Maintains more than 50 public and private grade crossings
  • Handled nearly 240,000 carloads of freight during 2012
  • At the end of 2012, CSX employed nearly 140 people
  • Throughout 2012, CSX reported more than $8.3 million in compensation for employees**
  • In 2012, CSX invested more than $19.3 million in its Louisiana network. In addition, the company invested more than $864 million in freight cars and other rolling assets to serve customers through its rail system.
  • CSX carries a variety of commodities important to our economy and way of life, including consumer products, automobiles, food and agriculture products, coal and chemicals. Products shipped in Louisiana include containerized consumer goods, industrial waste, plastic intermediates, nitrogen fertilizer and cement.

CSX Facilities in Louisiana

  • Major rail yard in New Orleans (Gentilly)
  • Intermodal terminal in New Orleans
  • TRANSFLO terminal in New Orleans

CSX and the Louisiana Community

  • In 2012, CSX contributed $120,000 to national organizations and those in Louisiana, including the Slidell Ladies for Liberty.

* Miles of track includes single main track, other main track, yard tracks and sidings as of December 31, 2012.
** This figure includes current and former employees.

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